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Wellgate Community Farm exists as a focus for community, creating an opportunity for people to grow, make a positive contribution and promote social cohesion. Committed to providing a safe, inclusive place for individuals and groups to develop emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually within a working farm environment through participation in all aspects of farming life.

As a working farm, we sell our own vegetables, eggs, honey and meat. We promote compassionate farming and have embraced the RSPCA’s five freedoms within our own animal welfare policy.  

“The importance of this work cannot be over-estimated.  How, for instance, can we expect people to make healthy choices about the food they eat when so many have little or no knowledge of how it is produced?”  

HRH Prince of Wales
Regarding the work of the City Farms and Community Gardens.

Welcome to Virtual Wellgate

A big thank you to our members, volunteers and visitors who continue to support the Farm. Our best wishes for the New Year!

Thank you to all those that voted for us in the Aviva Awards unfortunately the competition was huge and we were not sucessful this time. However, it was lovely to see so many votes role in, which if nothing else shows that the Farm is valued within the community!

Shopping in the January sales?
Please don't forget you can really help support us through your online shopping and it doesn't cost you a penny.
By connecting to your favourite shops via the easyfundraising website the shops you buy from will donate money to the Farm. Its FREE, simple to use, costs nothing and over 600 stores are registered including Ebay, Amazon, Argos, major supermarkets, insurance companies and even the National Lottery!

If you shop online, why not help us without spending an extra penny from purchases that you would make anyway. Many retailers now give extra discounts when you shop online so you may even save money!

The Farm understands that in this financial climate many find it difficult to give to charity. Howeve, with so many people using the internet the easyfundriaisng webiste has the potential to be a fantastic help to the Farm so please don't shop without remembering us!
Please, please give it a go! Thank you.

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