Wellgate Community Farm
The Herd at Wellgate Farm is made of up of different breeds of sheep. Mischief is a Suffolk ewe, these have a black face and legs and is the largest of the breeds we have at the Farm. Bitsey is a mule, which means she is a cross breed.

Mischief The Suffolk breed originates in Suffolk and is the result of crossings between Southdown and Norfolk Horned sheep. Suffolks are one of the larger breeds of sheep and have a white fleece and black wool-free faces and black legs.  Topsy was born in 2009.

Bitsey is a Mule, or cross-bred sheep. She arrived in February 2004 when she was a few weeks old with Itsey and they were bottle fed until they were old enough to eat solid food. As a consequence Bitsey is very friendly and will come over to investigate when people are near her field.  Itsey is no longer with us.

New lambs are born on the Farm every year in Spring time.

We also have an 'education' sheep who will be going on visits and attending town shows when the other sheep are lambing, etc. These is called Hattie the Herdwick. Photos and more information will follow shortly.